5 Back-office Technologies Tailored for Wealth Management Firms

5 Back-office Technologies Tailored for Wealth Management Firms

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, September 03, 2021

Diversification in business and integration of operations are now the primary goals of wealth management firms as they leverage improved IT services.

FREMONT, CA: Changing technological landscape and evolving markets are giving wealth management firms new opportunities. The companies, on their part, are trying to make a digital shift. IT departments of the companies are central to these efforts towards transformation. By deploying the right set of back-end technologies, wealth management firms can make processes which were earlier characterized by traditional approaches, into advanced and efficient ones. To stay profitable, businesses have to ensure they remain relevant and upgrade their services continuously. Investment in IT infrastructure can lend the impetus that wealth management services require to stay ahead in the competition by removing constraints that legacy systems bring. Here are a few ways technological approaches are fuelling the creation of a modern back-office in wealth management companies.

• Faster Functionalities with Network Architecture and Automation

Speeding up processes is becoming important for unlocking the true potential of businesses. Wealth management firms have realized this and are in the process of deploying an IT infrastructure which supports vast volumes of data with significant speed and agility. Responding quickly to changing market dynamics and business needs gives companies an opportunity to ensure efficient decision-making and thus drives profitability. The deployment of systems and networks with sufficient capacity can provide wealth management firm with the best foundation towards optimizing back-end processes. Automation of repetitive and time-consuming task is enabling a swift increase in productivity and efficiency. 

• Seamless Product Development with Dedicated Support

Diversification is critical for wealth management firms to stay competitive. Developing different and innovative products requires a substantial amount of technological backing. Without the right back-end systems in place, it takes really long to develop and release a product. With solutions that incorporate intelligent capabilities, IT infrastructure can lend support to product development and deliver them in the record time. Asset and product differentiation are necessary components for every wealth management firm.

• The Advantage of Analytics

The business ecosystem is turning data-centric as data processing capabilities improve rapidly. Not only do the recent advances make the transfer of data faster, but they also support the quick generation of useful information from it. Structured and unstructured data flow in and out of a wealth management firm through various channels. IT service providers have devised solutions that can bolster the ability of wealth management firms to capture this data and obtain deep insights from it with the help of data analytics. Advanced analytics is finding a place in the back-office space as it enables companies to make intelligent business decisions. Product development, product pricing, and product management also become optimized they are assisted with data-backed strategies.

• Smarter Communications with Advanced Conversational Systems

Communication forms an essential part of every business organization. In the case of wealth management firms as well, reliable communication systems are important. The IT departments in such companies are opting for conversational bots which have seen rapid development. With technologies like artificial intelligence and machines learning at their core, IT solutions developed explicitly for wealth management companies are transforming the once slow and unreliable interactions.

• Modern Approach to Risk Management

Traditionally, wealth management firms have always depended on less accurate and error-prone risk management systems. Modern back-office solutions are helping organizations improve risk management performance. Advanced technologies are enabling efficient monitoring, assessments, and response to risk in real-time. Reconciliation and analytics products are equipping firms to undertake surveillance, transaction checks, and prevention of frauds.

Implementing advanced technologies to carry out back end processes enhances the business potential of wealth management firms. Service models can be upgraded to help better investing, decisions and targeting. 

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