6 Wealthtech Startups Gaining Traction

6 Wealthtech Startups Gaining Traction

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, September 09, 2019

Wealthtech is a game-changer transforming the financial sector towards improving wealth management and accommodating shifting customer tastes and expectations.   

FREMONT, CA: With the advent of technology, the financial services industry is reshaping the world. The sector has endured a massive conversion since the financial crunch had hit the markets. Wealth managers are looking towards technology increasingly to improve present solutions and create new ones. Wealthtech is facilitating a much higher level of flexibility for customers endeavoring to maintain their wealth better. Much of the expansion in wealthtech is attributed to the accelerated development of challenges banks faced initially. Here are a number of wealthtech startups innovating the industry.

• Wunder Capital                 

The capital startup, Wunder Capital, aims to address the biggest crisis of the current generation by expediting the increase of solar energy. The innovative minds of the company have raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the department of energy in private equity which is advanced with innovative energy infrastructure solutions. Wunder Capital leverages established technology and industry proficiency to finance commercial and industrial-scale solar energy projects. Its partners and clients profit from competitive financing combinations and unique flexibility, speed, and assistance. It has raised funds of $116.8 million in total.

• Responsive AI                         

Responsive (AI)Artificial intelligence is an enterprise composite wealth management solution for service excellence and actionable insights for banks and private managers. The company empowers advisors to classify and act on client opportunities and risks, ensuring to grow the client wealth and loyalty by apprehending moments that matter. Promoting transparency with notifications and visualizations, Responsive AI meets the expectations with service brilliance and digital convenience. The company has raised  $1.1 million as its latest round of funding.  

• Robinhood

Robinhood is a stock brokerage startup allowing customers to buy and sell U.S. stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies with zero commission. The company aims to make individuals comfortable with trading stocks and storing money using its utilization democratizing finance for everybody. It expands holdings by buying a bunch of stocks in a single investment. Robinhood gives a transparent picture of the consumers' portfolio achievement over time to modify their positions. The company has raised $539 million as funds.

• Acorns

Acorns is a micro-investing app in the U.S., allowing people to round up purchases and automatically invest the change. The company aims to look after the financial most beneficial benefits of the up-and-coming, starting with the empowering move of micro-investing. Acorns is a new millennial investing approach streamlining the tedious and sophisticated process of investing. It is the first company to offer micro-investing in the world. The company has a raised funding of $207 million.

• Stash

New York-based digital investing and banking platform, Stash is the fastest-growing consumer investing and banking apps. It pioneers the future of personal finance by integrating banking, investing, and education into one seamless experience. Stash is a cohesive platform prioritizing affordability, accessibility, simplicity, and education. It also offers an extensive series of products, including personal investment accounts and banking services. The ultimate company goal is to create financial opportunity for all Americans despite the salary they earn. It has raised $181.3 million as funds in total. 

• Cadre   

Online marketplace connecting operators and investors of real estate, Cadre offers streamlined access to unique investment opportunities. The company facilitates transactions and investments to provide an advanced technology product to manage processes and powers predictive analytics for its investors. Investors can sell their interest in the developed marketplace, introducing liquidity and they can gain clarity, profitability, and liquidity through the use of its exclusive technology, and can make more reliable, more data-driven decisions. The company has a raised funding of $133 million. 

Wealthtech providers are now remarkably contributing to wealth management advancement. It democratizes trading to a potential global user base and streamlines the investing process and investment tools. It offers valuable investment data, more convenient access to proficient investors, and the experience to analyze the execution of brokers working in the market. Funding for new wealthtech startups continue with innovative and creative solutions for wealth management to be discovered in the future. 

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