AI and Human Intervention taking the Stock Market to New Heights

AI and Human Intervention taking the Stock Market to New Heights

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Markets are the platforms of economic exchange and business development. The stock market is one the leading avenues of investments and profit acquiring. With the advances in the field of technology, there needs to be an effective utilization of Artificial Intelligence(AI) eventually coming to play in stock market trading. There is a massive increase in the demand for AI and machine learning talent in stock markets, mainly owing to them successfully predicting investment and returns.

Tesla’s Elon Musk claims that in spite of its growing demand, the perusal of AI has become extremely far-fetched, and human intervention is needed to maintain a proper equilibrium in the marketing processes. AI seems to be a very convenient and useful alternative to human force, due to its high functioning speed and power in the new prediction systems. But what we tend to forget is the requirement of real innovation and competitiveness, which can only be a result of human judgment. AI provides businesses with faster and more cost-effective data about market predictions, but the context in question remains the use of complementary human skills, like judgment, based on the ever-changing market trends. The system of AI is useful when the trading objectives are constant and visible. But in the face of complex and challenging trading patterns, there is no better substitute than human intelligence and intuition. With increasing advancements in AI applications, it is possible that soon there will exist, automated stock markets and automated investments return that will be fair towards all investors, thus doing away with any market liquidity. Market strategies of various investors can be made beneficial by having a unique approach, better knowledge, and talent to identify the functioning of prediction machines and make them better than the others in use in the stock market.  Complete reliance on machine learning algorithms enhances the risks for the traders. In such cases, human judgment reigns supreme in identifying those risks and providing solutions to avoid such risks.



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AI may seem to be a significant breakthrough in the field of marketing and trading; it is gradually becoming more efficient and productive. But human involvement in trading and marketing procedures cannot be annulled entirely, as human intelligence is a prime requisite in improving the AI applications and machine learning tools to generate profitable returns.

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