AI and Machine Learning: The two Sherlock Holmes for Cybersecurity

AI and Machine Learning: The two Sherlock Holmes for Cybersecurity

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, February 15, 2019

The cyber universe is always surrounded by the hackers waiting to hijack your privacy or information. This digital era has made every movement of work and purchases online that the pirates follow digital steps of a user like a breadcrumb trail. They make every data and information non-classified and trying to retrieve the leak in the software. This is where the higher caliber intelligence like AI and machine learning come into the rescue of the user. These innovations are very much essential in safeguarding the user’s space in the cyber world.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) for Cybersecurity

Speaking of AI which has brought a massive change in terms of tracking and analyzing the harm or destruction done of the user’s or company’s data and classified information; it works as with a set perimeter and works as a next-generation technology with speed. It gives solutions to the threats possessed by any unknown server. It helps in crystal clear decision-making process in the steps to be taken in tracking down a hack and also works as “smoke detector” warning the user of an ongoing breach in their firewall security.  

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Machine Learning and Automation as protectors of Cybersecurity

Many federal agencies work around the software with fast-tracking down systems that have huge calculations which analyses the behavioral actions of a hacker using automation process and defending the breach in the system with AI technology which has the read on the attempt of leak determining the accurate location and IP address through its threat detection software known as a black box.

The job done by AI and Machine learning is an excellent innovation in the field of information science and technology. They are the roadmap of safety and protection in this cybercriminal world. Because they are not only limited to the commands given them, they can be learning through the behavior pattern of any user and built safety measures that ensure the threat of free space in their systems. The features of AI and machine learning of cloud computing and IoT networks have evolved and expanded their source in many unique and intellectual ways.

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