AI FX and Equity's New Version to Provide Cost Effective Artificial...

AI FX and Equity's New Version to Provide Cost Effective Artificial Intelligence Trading Signals

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

FREMONT, CA: AI FX and Equity will unveil the second version of their cloud based Artificial Intelligence Trading Signals service mainly for retail traders on 26 November, 2015. The cloud also provides investment banks a means to reduce costs related with expensive quantitative analysts. What distinguishes AI FX and Equity from other trading signal providers is that it draws on artificial intelligence to create a constant trading signal foreseeing the trend and extent of change for a financial instrument across a trading sphere.

“We have learnt to a profound extent that no two traders are alike. One trader may prefer 4H Bars on their terminal while others may prefer 5M Bars on their terminal. Trading horizons—if indeed they are defined at all—vary about as wildly. We had found ourselves glued to the customer live chat, creating customized models to exacting and varying customer requirements,” says Richard Churchman, Managing Director of AI FX and Equity. This strategy has been successful so far as AI FX and E is launching the second version of their online trading signals service at the Middle East Forex Expo in Dubai.

The new version will have options to incorporate brokers, giving functionality for the automated opening and closing of positions when the direction and magnitude of the artificial intelligence trading signal exceeds a customer defined threshold. With the launch of the second version, AI FX and E could strengthen itself as a trustworthy, artificial intelligence led training platform.

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