AI to Pilot Employee Engagement

AI to Pilot Employee Engagement

By Andy White, CapitalMarkets CIO Outlook | Thursday, December 10, 2020

It is imperative for organizations to value employee engagement as it is the key to a highly successful business.  

FREMONT, CA: With the explosion digitization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an imminent breakthrough disruption in employee engagement. Organizations are experimenting with AI tools to proactively sense problems and recommend solutions to boost their workforce engagement. Below are ways in which AI can increase employee engagement and deliver an overall positive experience.

• Predictive Analytics and  Behavior Mapping

Using AI-powered data analytics or predictive analytics, organizations can develop personalized training programs, aligning them with different employees’ learning patterns and needs, and create a better outcome in employee engagement. AI can assist employees in real-time by creating adaptable training courses to help them better do their job.

• Chatbots

It is being predicted that 80% of organizations are set to use chatbot automation by 2020. Indeed, communication is a crucial aspect of employee engagement. The explosion of social media platforms and messaging applications have altered how people communicate, and chatbots leverage this approach by engaging people more conversationally and informally. When used effectively, they can make employee communications much more interactive and collaborative.

• Real-time Feedback Tools

Real-time feedback is a gateway to understanding what is going on in the employees’ minds and what are they talking about the organization. Using AI-powered responsive platforms, organizations can collect real-time feedback from their employees and address any issues right there. This avoids the need to go through an entire feedback process that is a time consuming and resource-heavy task. Advanced AI tools also use sentiment analysis to give better insights into the employees’ workplace mood and their general satisfaction with the work and the organization.

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• Collaboration Tools

Collaboration often means meetings, and so much time is wasted in matching everyone’s timings, ultimately resulting in a lack of productivity and engagement. AI can take care of such tasks by looking at calendar availability and giving suggestions on whom to collaborate with.

Employee engagement is the top priority for all companies, and they must feel compelled to double their focus on AI as it relates to employee engagement.

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