All-New, Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management Solution making...

All-New, Comprehensive Project Portfolio Management Solution making Strides in the Capital Market!

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Portfolio management is constantly questioning the status quo and encouraging data-centric tools to enable leader-involved decision-making.

FREMONT, CA: ClearStructure Financial Technology, a leading global provider of award-winning portfolio management solutions for asset managers, private debt firms and managers, announces Birch Grove Capital, an alternative credit manager based in New York, as the new adopter of Sentry PM, advanced portfolio Management Solution. Since its launch in 2013, the assets under management of Birch Grove have grown from $300 million to $16 billion as its investor base has filled out and more granular strategic solutions have been developed to meet customer needs.   

Sentry PM has become a figurehead in this process to attain the company objectives of the organization while operating within the specified resource constraints. Intelligent Portfolio management provides transparency in the teams. The organization can see the whole range of projects, which implies that the teams can make smarter, fact-based work-related decisions instead of making choices based solely on gut-feelings. This also means that projects can be better aligned with business goals. Portfolio management software also offers features for senior executives such as portfolio budgeting, portfolio coordination, and ROI/forecasting, all of which contribute to better managing the portfolios of projects.

It is challenging to track various active projects while remaining informed about the overall results of the portfolio. Project portfolio management software offers a high-level, worldwide perspective of multiple projects' advancement and sustainability.

ClearStructure Financial Technology is an autonomous software firm with over 15 years of experience working with all kinds of financial institutions. The company understands that inflexible and obsolete systems are often capable of creating as many issues as they solve, which is why the business built the Sentry platform as a real cross-asset portfolio management scheme that can be accessed anywhere. The customers choose Sentry systems because the business is dedicated to providing economic services to their customers to help them function more effectively and smartly. 

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