Attractive Investment Destinations with Liberalized Global...

Attractive Investment Destinations with Liberalized Global Tech-Trade Regimes

Andy White, CapitalMarkets CIO Outlook | Thursday, December 10, 2020

With technology's aid and proactive strategies, bankers and capital managers yield higher productivity and added value, while promoting sustainable and inclusive development.

FREMONT, CA: The world is at the start of a fourth industrial revolution, driven by border innovations and developments in robotization, making manufacturing better, cheaper, and quicker than ever before. This new industrial revolution provides enormous economic growth and sustainable development possibilities with potential advantages on a scale that is hard to imagine. New techniques promise industrial upgrading and leapfrogging opportunities.  

The disturbing image of worldwide investment highlights the significance of a favorable worldwide investment setting, characterized by open, transparent, and non-discriminatory investment strategies. In response to the possibilities and difficulties connected with a new industrial revolution, new kinds of industrial policies have appeared.

Technologies in conjunction with global direct investment options for developing nations tend to be more contemporary and ecologically "cleaner" than what is accessible locally. In addition, there have been positive externalities where local imitation, job turnover and supply chain  requirements have resulted in more general environmental improvements in the host economy. However, there have been some cases of MNEs shifting machinery considered to be environmentally inappropriate to their subsidiaries in developing nations in the home nation. In order to reap the highest advantages of corporate presence in a national economy, domestic competencies, techniques and facilities need to be sufficiently well developed.

Policy practice demonstrates how industrial policy build-up and catch-up emphasizes various investment policy instruments and focuses on distinct industries, financial operations, and mechanisms to maximize investment's contribution to industrial capacity development. With industrial policy models and development phases, the investment policy toolkit evolves. In specific, the new industrial revolution needs a strategic evaluation of industrial development investment strategies.

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With liberal policy frameworks becoming widespread and losing some of their traditional authority to attract foreign investments, governments are paying greater attention to initiatives that promote it actively. The financial determinants, however, stay essential. 

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