Blockchain as a Service: Emerging as a Key Business Enabler

Blockchain as a Service: Emerging as a Key Business Enabler

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 22, 2019

Blockchain, as an open-source platform, enables the developers to build innovative solutions instantly to drive business growth.   

FREMONT, CA: Dragonchain launches its core blockchain platform under an open-source license. By open-sourcing, the company delivers blockchain-based applications to the enterprises and developers instantly. The easy-to-access facility helps both the enterprises and developers to explore blockchain innovations, including the relevant resources to continue innovating with code contribution. The blockchain technology company, Dragonchain aims to extend the drive adoption at the global level. The company is based in the US, offering Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) with full security and scalability of the operations. 

Dragonchain offers flexibility to the developers to develop their blockchain application in the smart contract’s containerized space. The hybrid architecture is available for both private and public use, enabling the business to control over sensitive business logistics. The provided platform eliminates the need for server setup, patch implementation, and any updates. The company also offers additional services such as a library of smart contracts, and APIs to support blockchain application. The public and private blockchain form a global multi-chain network, with the capabilities of easy functionalities integrations. The full control provides a scalable way to validate transactions through a decentralized consensus mechanism.

Dragonchain’s developer-friendly platform allows rapid prototyping, and quick deployment with multi-language supports including Python, Java, Node.js, GO, C#, and more. The BaaS model develops security patterns with updatable smart contracts in familiar languages. The BaaS and other software solutions provided by the company assists in taking proof of concepts and blockchain pilots from testing, implementing to production. It gives all-round features to build, operate, govern, and grow while accelerating the development of blockchain applications in the cloud. The infrastructure leverages interoperability and effectively secures every transaction. The customized context-based verification controls data exposure through multiple layers of blockchain.

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Founded in 2017, Dragonchain helps the companies to develop and deploy the blockchain application quickly, without changing the IT infrastructure. The company empowers the users through an accessible, flexible, and secure blockchain platform. The offered services by the company push the boundaries of technology and expand its disruptive potential with easy accessibility for new users. Dragonchain has the vision to create an ecosystem of blockchain products and services for worldwide reorganization and adoption.

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