Blockchain Enabling Speedy Financial Transactions With High Security

Blockchain Enabling Speedy Financial Transactions With High Security

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, July 10, 2020

Blockchain has emerged to be the heartbeat of the financial industry. It, therefore, leads to a technological revolution that will alter the banking sector for good.  

FERMONT, CA: The blockchain technology has shown the potential it can deliver in various fields. Even in its infancy, the technology has disrupted various industries and sectors positively. Blockchain's various characteristics such as decentralization, immutability, and transparency make it attractive to company sectors and domains worldwide. The banking and finance sector leads the way in exploring blockchain's potential.

Blockchain offers immutability of transactions and distributed ledger architecture that are the main requirements to eliminate the need for an ecosystem trust enforcer. Tamper-proof distributed data allows an environment where trust is not a problem and will enable counterparties to operate with the knowledge that at all times they all have the same version of the truth and their history cannot be changed. This technology will also considerably enhance market participants' transparency.

Since the time the asset first appears in a transaction on the blockchain, the technology maintains an immutable record of transactions and thus asset ownership. This considerably decreases risk and the need for various asset kinds related mitigation activities. This capacity will allow the occurrence of high-value assets and intellectual properties to be reduced by robbery, fraud, and misuse. It will also assist assets where their provenance determines value by establishing a digital footprint on the blockchain.

In terms of infrastructure, a blockchain is open-source software designed to promote the real-time transfer of digital assets between market members. Using the APIs of any preferred blockchain, one can demonstrate a drastic decrease in the cost and timelines of asset transfer. This aspect is concentrated on most bank applications.

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The business will certainly profit from a thoughtful, systematic, and sustained attitude to blockchain implementation in their procedures in the very near future. In many of their proceedings, the technology will provide banks with effectiveness, velocity, safety, and cost reduction. This will lead directly to both, decrease in price and improvement in the quality of end-user services.

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