BTIG Electronic Trading Launches Pivot, a Proprietary Liquidity...

BTIG Electronic Trading Launches Pivot, a Proprietary Liquidity Algorithm

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, February 25, 2019

TradeSave, an Electronic Trading Unit of BTIG has launched Pivot, a proprietary liquidity algorithm. Pivot is the latest addition to the firm’s advanced algorithmic strategies. Utilization of Artificial intelligence and machine learning are sources to improve iVWAP performance. Pivot also maintains a moderately competitive volume participation level.

Pivot liquidity algorithm’s anticipation and detection components are developed using a comprehensive database of historical trade characteristics.

Pivot is designed to increase participation in the market and to detect any suspicious movement from the market. Pivot also has a tactical approach through the machine learning process.

TradeSave which is the part of the BTIG firm has combined advanced technology and premier customer service with Pivot. With Pivot, TradeSave (a division of BTIG) delivers highly-effective, state-of-the-art electronic trading solutions incorporating the latest AI and machine learning process.

BTIG, a global financial services firm which specializes in institutional trading, research and related brokerage services provides liquidity strategies and benchmark algorithms. BTIG firm’s core capabilities include electronic and outsource trading, prime brokerage, global execution, corporate access, transition management and more. BTIG also offers expertise and insights for equity derivatives, currency and commodities, fixed income and many other solutions.

Pivot is a significant game changer in the market with real-time analytics. Pivot liquidity algorithms are an essential and direct route to global market access. BTIG’s TradeSave, Electronic Trading Unit has done effective marketing so that Pivot gains momentum with all advantageous services offered to their clients.

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