Can Forex Trading Robots Help Garner Profits?

Can Forex Trading Robots Help Garner Profits?

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, September 20, 2018

The volatile nature of Forex (FX) Trading is pushing traders to explore ways in which they can reap higher profits in FX Market without devoting enough time to it. While it sounds exciting to have a system that is capable of performing automated trading, the question that has stirred debate around leveraging robotics in FX Trading is ‘Can FX Trading robots accurately recognize profitable chart ranges and execute trades?’ Available round the clock to perform trading, FX Trading robots provide a ray of hope for the traders who are struggling to find a solution that can address their challenge of spotting the best trading opportunity. A well-programmed FX robot not only suggests the best time to enter and exit the market but can generate signals and execute trades in an unsuitable market, too.   

Built using MetaTrader, FX Trading robots are automated trading programs designed to generate buy/sell signals after scanning thousands of charts within seconds. The benefit of leveraging FX Trading robot is it mitigates the psychological effect that often is the reason for wrong trading decisions. Although indicators such as Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Moving Averages (MA) are a trader’s best friend, at times, they indicate the wrong signal that could either wipe out a part, or entire capital in action.  

While programmed robots do not guarantee a foolproof approach to trading, traders must be careful of various challenges of FX trading robot that might destroy the trading experience. Many traders believe that spending more time sitting before the computer screen and executing back-to-back trades can earn them higher returns. Employing FX Trading robots solely for this purpose will hamper the trading experience by leaps and bounds. All in all, robots do not always produce the best outcome and sometimes are ineffective when it comes to spotting ‘cream range’ to generate buy/sell signal. In addition, the robots may not always help accurately predict the future performance of a given stock. However, if the trader puts a robot to use to contemplate the technical aspect of charts, it can prove to be highly beneficial in such circumstances given the human’s limitations to perform repetitive tasks. 

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