Capital Markets and AI: A Partnership in the Making

Capital Markets and AI: A Partnership in the Making

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, July 12, 2019

The use cases of artificial intelligence that have already created waves in the capital markets are here to stay.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its applications have been a revelation in many industries. The technology has successfully disrupted usual practices and models in the capital markets as well. The banking and investment sectors have felt the impact of AI as it has been giving excellent results and higher efficiencies continuously after its adoption. The various technologies that make up the subset like machine learning, natural language processing, and data analytics have found specified applications and have become indispensable.

AI's capability to emulate human cognitive abilities makes systems intelligent. The capital market is taking advantage of this capability to organize and analyzer data better, and also to improve decision-making processes. Decision making is a crucial activity, and making informed decisions becomes more straightforward with the adoption of AI-enabled decision-making models that are based on a vast range of data from various sources. Informed decision making helps cut down risks, and the recommendations allow better management of resources.

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To make the best use of the vast arrays of data, the processes have to be fast. Automation can drive up to speed and efficiency, and AI is proving to be a better alternative to human employees in many tasks. Better handling of complex functions and quick adaptability are the significant advantages of AI as it goes about undertaking many key processes like sales, risk management, and predicting markets.

Consumer services and assistance benefit from AI as much as the back-office tasks. As AI can leverage customer data, companies have the opportunity to construct single images of each customer. This enables companies to provide personalized services and products for individuals based upon their buying behavior. Virtual assistants on all platforms that can interact satisfactorily with clients and customers have also improved engagement and customer experience.

Integrated technology and smart algorithms can help the capital markets get the best out of technology that AI has proved to be.

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