Cognitive Technologies: Unveiling the Future of Capital marketing

Cognitive Technologies: Unveiling the Future of Capital marketing

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Cognitive technologies are transforming capital markets by devising an array of solutions to capture and drive maximum value.

FREMONT, CA: Cognitive technologies are driving capital market transformations with intelligent machines and applications that perform tasks way faster, eliminating human errors. Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning (ML), and natural language processing improve effectiveness through innovative insights and ways of working. Many of the technologies operate at the frontier of the technologically possible, but as the price of hardware falls the case for their use gets stronger

There are various examples of cognitive technologies in business. In the trade life cycle, many tech solutions are either ready to roll out with commercial solutions in place or being piloted across the industry. RPA looks through the automation of routine tasks through existing interfaces, used for activities including data extraction and cleaning. Smart workflows route and integrate tasks such as client on-boarding and month-end reporting in combination with RPA. ML assists in the application of advanced algorithms to large data sets to identify patterns. This helps them in making decisions in areas such as trade surveillance, product control, idea presentment (CRM). Natural language processing turns speech and text into structured, searchable data.

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The difficulty for market participants, facing a collection of solutions, is to implement at scale and capture the maximum value at the lowest possible risk. Cognitive agents communicate with humans in a computerized way. Often the productivity impact of technology does not correlate instantly with headcount reductions, because automation applies to tasks rather than positions. This is because automation applies to responsibilities rather than positions. Cognitive technologies can be beneficial as a stand-alone solution, and the impact is multiplied when applications are operated in combination. 

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