Commission-Free Trading Platforms becoming the New Normal

Commission-Free Trading Platforms becoming the New Normal

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The growing community of broker-dealers is helping traders with robust, user-friendly commission-free trading solutions.

FREMONT, CA: TradeZero America —online broker-dealer that offers retail investors commission-free stock trading and direct market center access—adds new functionality to its portfolio that helps minimize overall investor costs. It has the net effect of increasing locate share supply for customers, while also reducing total costs for those locates.

Investors today face many pressing challenges. The most pressing among them is maintaining relationships with financial organizations that offer access to potent trading tools so that when an opportunity comes, an investor can execute on the idea, regardless of whether it’s long or short. TradeZero being a smart solution provider for such challenges, and its advanced suite of desktop, web-based and mobile software platforms accommodates all types of traders. Its technology provides TradeZero clients with market access to NYSE, Nasdaq, ETFs and OTC stocks and a broad list of hard to borrow shares for short selling.

TradeZero’s vision is to level the playing field for the retail investor by delivering multiple, easy-to-use trading platforms, and professional-grade functionalities. It gives every account holder access to tools such as trading windows, full streaming stock data, advanced hotkey order entry, professional-level charting features developed by the company. The newly added stock locate feature of its platforms, makes it easier and simpler for the individual investor to find hard to borrow shares for stock shorting.

TradeZero focuses on developing the most robust technology and the highest level of customer service, combined with direct market center access, all within the commission-free model. Its customer support team is available round the clock through website live chat, and live trading support is open during trading hours.

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