Counting the Benefits of Incorporating AI into Capital Markets

Counting the Benefits of Incorporating AI into Capital Markets

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Investors can get the best out of capital markets with futuristic artificial intelligence capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most transformative technologies ever. It has been able to find application in a variety of fields owing to its versatility and has changed business models and operational processes for the better. Capital markets have a big chance of transforming under the impact of artificial intelligence.  With its ability to emulate human cognitive skills, the technology is of a lot of value. It can do tasks that human counterparts take longer or are unable to do. What is fascinating is its ability to self-learn and evolve.

In the capital markets, the value of AI emerges from the fact that it can process both structured and unstructured data at high speeds. Subsequently, it analyzes the data and provides deep insights which facilitate informed decision making and better service delivery. Interpreting data can be difficult, and time-taking for human beings but AI can achieve it very easily and accurately. Some of the tasks that are commonly undertaken by employees are gradually being transferred to machines so that employees are free to do more meaningful and fulfilling jobs.

The inefficiencies in the capital markets processes arise due to highly intermediated processes which cannot leverage data successfully. This creates a situation where investments and investors are not correctly matched. When the right investment does not go to the right investor, it leads to falling levels of performance and lesser profits. By incorporating AI, intermediaries can pick up their standards through data mining and data analytics capabilities. A competitive edge and enhanced value is the result of proper AI deployment.

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The deal-making process, which is complicated has an opportunity of becoming more straightforward with AI. The tools enable automated deal-making, smoother investor-investment matching, easier fraud detection, and an overall enhancement in productivity. Financial models have increased accuracy due to the features of predictive analytics which predict market trends well in advance. Smarter and contextual investments can be a direct result when capital markets adopt artificial intelligence-powered solutions.

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