Data Analytics to help Businesses Expansion

Data Analytics to help Businesses Expansion

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Data AnalyticsData analytics has been a guiding technology for a business to drive operational performance improvement. An analytics-oriented approach for firms is needed to open up new avenues of growth.

Product Development

Data analytics develops predicting and knowledge discovery abilities. It shows a clear view of the present condition of a business and gives the ability to anticipate future results. Data analytics allows organizations to understand the current market situation to improve their strategy accordingly to coordinate with market needs.

Increased Operational Efficiency

Data analytics can identify potential chances to streamline activities to boost benefits. Enterprises accumulate huge volumes of historical data to carry out analytics to create new business insights and enhance the decision-making process.

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 Mass Personalisation

Personalization is everything to enhance customer experience, and analytics is helping enterprises to customize products and services to be more close to purchasers’ desires.

For example, analytical algorithms create coupons based on data on the customer’s shopping behavior.

Targeted Content

Understanding consumer needs in advance make advertising efforts more customer-oriented. It helps organizations to customize their ads to focus on a section of the whole client base keenly. Targeted content persuades a client to buy and enhances overall productivity.

Competitive Advantage

Applying data analytics to all the data gathered from all divisions of an enterprise gives insight about when an upgrade is required or what is that an enterprise is lacking.

Data analytics can also suggest a suitable planning action to speed up the proper business expansion plan. Insights derived from data analytics can be represented via visualizations and dashboards so that top executive can make informed decisions.

With the proliferation of data from all sources of an enterprise, the quality of data should be assessed carefully before analyzing. It is necessary to organize and track the data strategically before applying new techniques to analyze and improve the process.

Innovating Marketing Strategies

With social media analytics insight, enterprises are now able to understand the sentiments of their customers. Text analytics, sentiment analytics and patterns of customer traffic data can provide many insights about a potential customer, like product innovation and improvisation so that it can be relevant to the customer’s viewpoint. This has resulted in higher customer acquisition, retention, and better-focused marketing strategies.

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