Digital Capital Markets: Collaborating with Technology for Business...

Digital Capital Markets: Collaborating with Technology for Business Excellence

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, August 12, 2019

The capital market industry combines different technological forces to compete in the digital ground efficiently. 

FREMONT, CA: The advantages of technologies are rapidly transforming the capital market industry. It allows scalability and rapid access to valuable insights and opens unexplored opportunities for relevant firms. Digitalization has advanced the capital market industry to measure the sensitivity of changing customer mindsets, encompassing the functions, emotional, and social needs to drive their expectations and experiences. 

Innovative products and services in the capital market industry not only leverage the benefits of simplifying the complex processes but attracting new investors too. The improvement in communications technology has shown dynamic changes in the methods of trading culture. It eliminates the need to be physically present on the floor of an exchange center, allowing the traders to control transactions from remote locations over the wide-area network. By integrating technology, the industry helps the organizations to easily complete, monitor, clear, and complete the trading processes. Automations are mostly handling retail and institutional investors. A cloud-based system allows the dealers from remote locations to communicate with the investors for offerings and distribute security to their capital assets. Regardless of the small or large corporate issuers, they can conduct highly protected offers on trading online with the investors.

Technology adoptions bring in tremendous advantages to the capital market participants. A complete electronic platform for the issuance, holding, trading, and settlement of securities allow the development in the sector. The real-time and remotely handling capabilities provide the participants to trade on the exchange more precisely through mobile phones and personal computers. The smart and easy access to trading allows investors to buy and sell shares anytime and anywhere. The applications for easy access help the participants to manage their portfolios on the go actively. The growth of technology and innovations gives investors an ecosystem to become more wired and more comfortable. It presents the increasing number of retail investors to actively participate in securities trading due to the provided convenience, security, and efficiency.

Technological advancement continues to develop the markets for the profits of both current and future investors. Innovative services and products, especially for the sector, efficiently track and analyze the ways of customers from various channels, which they use to interact with and about an organization. The deployment of analyzed data can improve business processes and customer experiences. High tech solutions like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), replicate the monotonous task performed by the humans, improving the productivity and quality by optimizing the analytics. Revolutionary science of distributed ledger, the blockchain shows high potential deliveries in the capital market. It can yield rich data sets and distribute processed records through multiple sources maintaining high confidentiality. The transactional efficiencies and speed, combined with better customer data analytics and regulatory compliance can be achieved through collaboration in the traditional ecosystem of the capital market industry.

The capital market needs more open, accessible, and ready to use platforms. Innovations can boost their measures for talent pools and networks to orchestrate services around their clients while extending the reach. A smartly designed business and operating models can consistently unlock the investment capacity and build a more straightforward and yet robust architecture to support resilience and agility. To take the full advantage of the digital era, the capital market has to set innovative strategies for intelligence and automation, data-led and client-centric, open and accessible, agile and resilient, and simple and standardized. The relevant industry prefers a learner and adaptive approach for a continuous pursuit for efficiency, improvement, and legacy modernization. Capital marketing organizations are slowly replacing the traditional ways, adopting new solutions, and integrating new assets for overall hold through open APIs and micro-services. 

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