Digital Financing: Exploring New Possibilities with Blockchain...

Digital Financing: Exploring New Possibilities with Blockchain Technology

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, July 04, 2019

Blockchain is opening gates to an entirely cashless world, with secure and safe real-time and instant transaction capabilities.

FREMONT, CA: Everything is growing faster and becoming more comfortable day by day, including payment services. Real-time Payment (RTP) is a globally recognized process for on-the-spot payment or instant money transaction using a mobile application. RTP is a revolution in the payment landscape which has accelerated the velocity of commerce.  As the payment portals are getting high-tech, the threats of forgery are equally raising. Across the globe, financial institutions are adopting the blockchain technologies to implement in their payment platforms for safe and secure transaction.  

Blockchain’s decentralized ways of processing and delivering the layers of security to the identities and information of both the users can create a difficult task for the intruders to crack the transfer values and confidential data. The implementation of the blockchain technology can reduce the cost of transaction as it cut down the need for an intermediary for transaction authorization and process it faster. The transparency in operation builds a trust factor for the user, which encourages them to use it more and go cashless. The network build by the blockchain efficiently records all the performed transaction like transaction initiation, authority, process conformations and reports with the credentials, so the banks can quickly obtain data to audit and develop standard operating procedures.

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Integrating the blockchain facilities for the financial and payment portals can reduce the fraudulent to an unexpected level; if in case of any forger transaction, it is highly efficient to track down the accurate record in no time. The key functionalities and features of the blockchain technologies allow the financial institutions to tailor a new cashless world with real-time un-failed transactions takes place. In the coming future, we might see the chances of implementing the real-time deal of massive amount for business to business purpose. The idea can also trigger the successful industry engagements and hassle-free internal collaborations in the immediate future.

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