Does Data Analytics Translate into Smart Trading?

Does Data Analytics Translate into Smart Trading?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Data AnalyticsData is becoming infinite, and so are the trading opportunities in the capital markets as data analytics makes inroads into a fast-changing business ecosystem. 

FREMONT, CA: The highly complicated world of trading is experiencing some transformations that could result in simpler and smarter operations in the capital markets. The traditional methods might have worked well in the past, but with evolving technologies and changing market dynamics, they are quickly losing relevance. Modern, technology-infused operations are replacing the legacy models, and data analytics has a leading role to play in making trading platforms advanced today. Technology vendors are providing suites of data analytics solutions designed exclusively for capital market companies. These solutions offer highly effective ways of pro

Data Analytics

cessing trading data to generate information that can make a big difference in revenues.

Costs Analytics

Analyzing costs is crucial during trading. Cost analytics solutions, backed with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are making cost analysis highly meaningful for traders. These solutions have access to a wide class of data from global databases. By accumulating information from the sources, the analytics engines offer intelligence that helps traders make smart investment decisions. The cost analytics solutions are useful before, during, and after the trade.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral analytics enables intelligent trading by helping capital market firms gain a better understanding of market and investor sentiments. With data mining capabilities, analytics solutions are able to gauge frequent changes in the financial markets and determine key indicators like bullish percentage and sentiment ratios. Similarly, investors are also able to predict market trends better and, thus, can make smarter investment decisions.

Risk Analytics

Data analytics solutions are enhancing the capabilities of capital market firms to analyze and predict operational risks. Exposure to risk is common for financial trading companies. With risk analytics solutions, trading companies can mitigate risks that are a result of human errors or external frauds. ML and AI have proved to be highly valuable for lowering the risk factor in capital markets.

Together, the above analytics solutions offer comprehensive cover to capital market firms seeking intelligent, streamlined, and profitable trading.

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