Enhanced Global Asset Manager Database to Improve Institutional...

Enhanced Global Asset Manager Database to Improve Institutional Investment Efficiency

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, July 29, 2019

Sanjoy Chatterjee, Founder & President

Efficient investment management requires tools that assist with the appropriate analytics and reporting that drives vital investment decision-making.

FREMONT, CA: The leading provider of investment performance analytics and reporting solutions for the institutional investment industry, Investment Metrics (IM) releases its vastly enhanced global asset manager database. The new release will provide operational efficiency for asset managers to submit their data promptly with accuracy, and for investment, consultants to leverage better content to efficiently screen and monitor managers. The improved interface is making it easier for asset managers to update their fund data, identify data points which may be missing across various asset classes and investment vehicles.

“We are excited to release our latest version of the Investment Metrics Global Database and to continue to partner with the asset management community to ensure their data is available to the leading consultants, investment advisors, and asset owners,” exclaims Rahul Pitre, Chief Technology Officer of Investment Metrics. “Working with us and utilizing our new Excel upload capabilities will allow the managers to submit their data to Investment Metrics seamlessly in a more accurate, complete and timely manner thus servicing their institutional investment advisory client needs.”

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Investment management is in an age of change powered by shifting investor preferences, regulatory developments, margin compression, and evolving technologies. These disruptions are forcing institutional investors and their advisors to remold their overall investment decision-making process to meet their desired objectives. As a part of investment management, modern asset allocators require tools that would assist them with the appropriate analytics and reporting that drives crucial investment decision making. To this end, Investment Metrics renders comprehensive investment performance, attribution, risk analytics, portfolio optimization and reporting solutions to meet the changing requirements of the institutional investment community.

“Enriched with insightful market data, Investment Metrics solutions create value-added insights against other peers of the industry that enables its clients to analyze the portfolio performance efficiently across various parameters,” remarks Sanjoy Chatterjee, Chief Strategy Officer of Investment Metrics.  

Ranked among Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Solution Providers by Capital Markets CIO Outlook, Investment Metrics has emerged as a renowned enterprise, and its team insist on keeping pace with the latest technological trends as part of its plans to expand its horizon.  

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