Entrepreneurs to Outshine with Blockchain Technology

Entrepreneurs to Outshine with Blockchain Technology

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, August 05, 2019

 Blockchain TechnologyThe ecosystem of entrepreneurship is an ocean of opportunities, and with creative and innovative tech-driven ideas, entrepreneurs are ready to take the first step towards a successful startup.

FREMONT, CA: The internet boom overtakes traditional way of transacting through paper, either with a check or physical currency. Fintech brought the world of commerce online. It empowers corporations to accept online payments for physical services and goods. Blockchain has built a reality where individuals are free to engage in the globe of commerce. The invention of cryptocurrencies has freed the regulative strangleholds that once cramped ventures to traditional IPO fundraising.

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The competency of bitcoin has facilitated many bold entrepreneurs to turn a few dollars into bitcoins. According to reports, investors have seen a 532 percent return on investment over the past three years. The original blockchain crowdfunding innovation is also termed as Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with which investors are offered tokens. With these tokens, they essentially become detached from the businesses. This process has seen a lot of investors lose funds due to tokens that ultimately become overwhelmed by market forces.  


Independent startups that concentrate on value rather than short-term profits are viable. The possibilities of success for startups progress when it is ready to innovate and challenge assertions. Startups can grow without the pressures of outside investors demanding quick returns. Long-term growth focused on revenue growth, and user acquisition can outshine short-term speculation on profitability. There are many ways for entrepreneurs to manage startup capital by innovating and leveraging university resources or crowdfunding. The fintech area offers an interesting model for startups seeming to launch and disrupt the industry.

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