Essential Security Measures to Prevent Cyber Security Threats on...

Essential Security Measures to Prevent Cyber Security Threats on Personal Devices

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 04, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Technological advancements, enhanced connectivity and high-speed internet, have ensured that individual usage of technology is at an all-time high. This means that the vulnerabilities have also magnified. A few simple steps could prove handy in protecting the sensitive and personal data one has stored on devices and the internet.

Understanding the nature of risks is essential if one wants to prevent any attacks or data leaks. The source of the discrepancies, once followed, becomes easy to deal with.  Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the points of concern. The Wi-Fi hotspots that one tends to find everywhere these days are easy to hack. The hacker can also set up a fake hotspot and then spy on all the devices connected to the open network. One should always use a VPN to connect to a Wi-Fi. This will protect the device from illegitimate access. Even wireless devices like the mouse or the keyboard can be an entry point for hackers. Through a technique called "mousejacking," an intruder can have control over the system from within a specific range of distance.

Media and files on devices are vulnerable if they get stolen. Anybody can have access to the stored data and use it unethically. To prevent any untoward situation even if the device is stolen, then users should opt for security measures that enable encryption of files and data. Several encryption apps are available on various platforms that customers can use. Outdated software can also put devices at risk of being hacked. Through the feature of auto-updates, one should always stay ahead of the hackers posing risks.

Phishing emails, although a common form of attack, frequently catch people unawares. Dealing carefully with each email before exercising trust can help users curb an attempted security attack.  Two-factor authentication, which is employed to enhance security, should be a must. It increases the layer of protection and helps prevent cyber-security threats.

The implications of not strengthening security measures on personal devices could prove to be huge. Rather than having to pay the price, prioritizing safety and security stands reliable.

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