Facilitating the Shift from Traditional to Automated Trading

Facilitating the Shift from Traditional to Automated Trading

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, April 19, 2019

A leading financial organization, QuantHouse supports hedge funds, market makers, brokers, and traders to optimize the performance of trade, build new trading strategies, meet regulatory requirements, test existing trading infrastructure, and streamline operational costs. These enable QuantHouse to build up QuantFEED, QuantFactory, and QuantLINK global trading infrastructure blocks. QuantFEED, extremely low latency market data technologies, QuantFACTORY, a trading development framework, QuantLINK, proximity hosting and ordering routing services provide high-performance API-based, end-to-end systematic trading solutions.

QuantHouse offers advanced trading companies and financial firms the ability to accelerate their transition from legacy trading infrastructure to a fully automatic, multi-asset, and machine-learning class trading infrastructure. The company develops and integrates new trading strategies and regulatory requirements. It tests existing and new trading infrastructure tools and makes operational costs more cost-efficient.

The “QuantHouse API Ecosystem” is a unique global initiative aimed at providing an environment where participants on the capital markets can access multiple trading venues, technologies, or applications quickly and easily using standard APIs. Over the years, the QuantHouse API Ecosystem has evolved into what is now the largest buy-and-sell ecosystem API community, exchanges, prime brokers, trading sites, hedge funds, marketers, and other financial services partners and sellers.

QuantHouse has recently announced that it has been selected for the diverse needs of its automated traders by Quest Partners LLC (" Quest"). Quest focuses on quantitative research, multi-asset trade and is known to employ complex, disciplined trading strategies to leverage volatility shifts across a variety of global business. These algorithms connect their traders to more than 80 liquid markets with commodity, currency, equity index, and fixed revenue venues. Quest chose QuantHouse, a quantum space specialist with services designed for advanced worldwide systemic trading, to satisfy the organization’s need for high-quality data and technology.

ConsolidatedFEED leverages the robust infrastructure and standardization used by QuantHouse for powering ultra-low latency solutions and for simplifying data consumption processes from world markets. QuantHouse performs standardization, updates, and maintenance on the source, distributes data to the QuantLINK Fiber Optics Network as a proprietary protocol and supplies over 140 feeds over a single API which is available from dedicated local hubs anywhere in the world. QuantHouse also manages connectivity and hosting services at financial data centers worldwide, which allow Quest to connect to QuantHouse host server brokers, execution sites, and other technology providers as part of its services.

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