Fintech Shaping the Future of Finance Industry

Fintech Shaping the Future of Finance Industry

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Fintech is shaping the financial services to present a more unified and comprehensive virtual banking experience.

FREMONT, CA: Fintech disruptors are changing how banks and financial institutions work. The world has become an enormous marketplace that has been undergoing a constant transformation in how businesses take place. This has been, moreover, fueled by modern technologies and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Initially, the highly regulated banking and finance sector has witnessed the constant metamorphosis of its business models to stay ahead in the race. The FinTech business plays a significant role in ascertaining how the industry moves forward regarding the financial services ecosystem. There are specific trends that will reshape the FinTech landscape.

· Intelligent Banking Channels

Financial service providers are tailoring every channel to adapt intelligently, to deliver the succeeding level of personalization for users performing banking activities. Studying customer patterns and behaviors, banks can optimize the interface to suit a user’s specific customer preferences. This will translate into a different usage journey for every end-user, and early adopter banks stand to gain a competitive edge

· Multi-Experience Banking

Banks have commenced offering multi-channel experiences that go ahead of branch visits or phone banking. Users can now interact with a bank through multiple channels. To assure delightful user journeys, banks will have to provide seamless consistency across all channels.

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· Voice-Assisted Banking

Voice banking is already favoured, and soon, it can be seen as offering support for regional and vernacular languages. The emergence in popularity of virtual personal assistants has become more mainstream. Virtual assistants and smart speakers would be the most preferred option for transactions.

· AI in Banking

AI(Artificial intelligence) has gradually made in-roads into a lot of various business landscapes. In the financial services industry, a narrow AI improving operational efficiency is expected. Automated repetitive tasks are also enhanced. The world freed up bank resources to focus on more value-generating activities.

· Data Privacy Framework

Privacy and security are underlying concerns present in every action of a bank. Banks handling sensitive data is an issue that determines where the industry is heading over the future. The way banks use, collect, and store Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will hence be the key.

Modern technological innovation has come to existence that strives to compete with conventional financial methods to deliver varied financial assistance. Fintech is an emerging technology-friendly industry that uses it to enhance activities in finance. Smartphones are used extensively in making financial services more convenient to the general public for mobile banking, investing services and cryptocurrency.

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