Foundation of Latest Blockchain-Driven Settlement Solution

Foundation of Latest Blockchain-Driven Settlement Solution

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

New blockchain-based settlement platform has the potential to deliver transparency and enhanced customer experience.

FREMONT, CA: TOMIA has introduced a new optimized blockchain-based solution powered by Microsoft Azure for the telecoms market. This solution will elongate TOMIA's market-leading solutions for the inter-carrier business to include blockchain-based settlements beyond the interconnect. TOMIA has been seeing accelerated change associated with the digital transmutation of the telecoms business that is driving settlement personalization. The new solution improves the way settlement, and conflict management is handled in the interconnected world.  

TOMIA is joining forces with major blockchain platforms and specialists including Microsoft and its Azure Blockchain Service to give a fully comprehensive solution. The company is privileged to work with the leading enablers of digital change. This is a covenant to the unmatched value of the technology innovation and also continually meeting performance targets. Microsoft Azure and Azure Blockchain Service help TOMIA deliver solutions that enable communication service providers to concentrate more on their customers' encounter and less on daily operations and managing servers. The Blockchain Settlement solution addresses a mixture of issues related to the telecommunication business and allows CSPs to take benefit of the enterprise-grade reliability and flexibility that Azure supplies.

Blockchain can deliver visibility and transparency, providing the chance to help reduce adjustments. It increases efficiencies associated with traditional interconnect billing, roaming, and partner settlement processes. With the telecom market becoming increasingly digitized, an opportunity to improve the efficiency of settlement and dispute management processes, saving costs and time becomes significant. Corda blockchain, with its pivot on security, scalability, and execution for enterprise use, provides the ideal technology platform for developing innovative solutions.

TOMIA offers transmuting connectivity solutions to service contributor globally. Its innovative offering allows customers to manage a unified personalization process of interconnect and roaming while driving the eventuality of connectivity through modern technologies and services.

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