Here is How Smart Automation Helps Businesses Grow

Here is How Smart Automation Helps Businesses Grow

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, May 31, 2019

The digital landscape of work is here, and the organizations are struggling to adapt. How an organization redefines itself to deal with the tremendous rise of technology is essential. Answering these questions are complex, but firms have already unlocked many of these secrets. Among them, robots and AI are redefining the rules for business execution and organizational agility. A combination of workflow automation and data-driven machine intelligence supports the ability to manage work. This is intelligent automation, that is enabling data-driven processes adapting to the context of work, delivering the efficiency of automation and leveraging rules and policies to steer the pathway towards an optimal outcome.

Robotic process automation is the fastest growing part of business technology. It is something entirely new as an effective strategy for workflow automation that enables levels of efficiency and digitalization for the business. It is one of the essential pillars of intelligent automation. RPA replaces the subjective decision making by human beings and lacks data-driven optimization offered through AI. Leveraging RPA, as a part of broad, intelligent automation approach provides the opportunity for execution advantage and equivalent potential for business disruption as adding physical robots into the enterprise workforce. RPA acts on behalf of humans to perform tasks.

The ability to integrate processes and operations to deliver holistic, comprehensive automation of work requires humans to perform tasks manually. One of the prominent places to start with intelligent automation is the areas of operations concentrated with repetitive human tasks, where humans are bogged down performing tedious, redundant tasks. Having a transparent model for the separation of concern between business automation and RPA can also help. As a complement capability of intelligent automation, RPA offers far more efficient and effective coordination of both knowledge and automated tasks.

With intelligent automation, there is always more value to be realized and higher chances to emerge victorious in the competitive business landscape. 

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