Here's How Fintech Contributes to the Growth of Emerging Entrepreneurs

Here's How Fintech Contributes to the Growth of Emerging Entrepreneurs

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, July 19, 2019

Discarding the traditional funding struggles for the entrepreneurs, fintech helps to reshape the ways of fundraising.

 FREMONT, CA: With the explosion of digital innovations, banking sectors are booming and promising personalized features with numerous benefits for the entrepreneur. The approach of fintech for traditional services such as money transfers, asset management, fundraising and mobile payment, raising its demand among the start-ups and various new organizations in the market. Financial technologies have adopted beneficial features and applications to provide necessary financial supports and services.  

 • Cryptocurrencies

Initial Coin Offering (ICO), a form of digital currencies is an alternative form of crowdfunding, gaining popularity over the traditional financial system. ICOs enable a temporary arrangement, which allows all the network participants to purchase new tokens and exchange them for existing cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. The decentralized network format benefits individuals to verify and secure transactions by multiple sources, and keeps it encrypted and transparent to every participant.

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 •  Automated Wealth Management System

Robo-advisors, powered by AI(Artificial intelligence), provide digital financial advice based on mathematical rules or algorithms. For start-ups and entrepreneurs, automated wealth management services automate investment opportunities. The capability to set up a personalized portfolio and to offer access to wealth management makes it flexible for the users to handle their transactions and investments. The provided innovations can automatically select investments and trade, reducing the tax bills.

 • Multi-Currency Wallets

The digital wallets are easy-to-use, quicker and more secure; the facilities for multi-currencies allow performing transactions across the globe. It eliminates the intermediaries need and fees for the currency exchange process. The multi-currency digital wallet enables the entrepreneurs to collect consumer data and re-work on their marketing strategies accordingly. 

Regardless of various issues, faced by budding organizations and entrepreneurs, technology proves to be a supporting industry in financial terms. Thanking the advanced innovations experimented by the financial institutions, it has helped in crunching data smartly and managing expenses efficiently.

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