How 5G Will Ameliorate Mobile Trading

How 5G Will Ameliorate Mobile Trading

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 5GMobile trading will see a massive surge due to the speed and connectivity advantages associated with 5G.

FREMONT, CA: The financial service sector has been at the forefront of technological advancements. According to a report, 81 percent of financial institutions have made technological transformations in the past few years. With mobile usage constantly accelerating at a rapid pace, firms are seeking new services to address the evolving technologies. 5G technology is the answer to this challenge. The technology promises a number of advantages to the financial institutions. For instance, the high-speed services accompanied by ultra-low latency are the major advantages that can significantly boost the prospects of mobile trading in the financial sector.

The increased interconnectedness of the devices will enable investors and traders to access a perennial stream of data from various sources. With the advent of 5G services, devices such as phones, wearables, and computers will seamlessly interact with each other. 5G will also result in a sudden surge in high-frequency mobile trading. Such an increase in trading will revolutionize stock market transactions that are still largely limited to system-based trading. The speed of buying and trading is an essential aspect of stock market trading. Considering the modern computerized and automated trading, 5G’s ability to offset latency will irresistibly attract traders from all across the globe.

5G will also power robo-advisor services in areas such as portfolio management and investment advice. Further, firmly established, micropayments will also be triggered with the advancements in 5G technology. Micro-payments will enable the users to pay the exact amount based on the service they use. For instance, a car owner will be able to pay exactly for the amount of time he or she occupies the parking space rather than the general amount for an hour. In the finance sector, customers with low capital will also be able to invest in large property deals.

5G will enhance the interconnectedness among the devices leading to an increase in investment and trading activities. Mobile trading practices will especially benefit from these advancements due to speed and low-latency advantages.

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