How Algorithmic Trading Offers an Edge Over Manual Trading?

How Algorithmic Trading Offers an Edge Over Manual Trading?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Algorithmic TradingAlgorithmic trading allows traders to optimize their trading strategies without exposing the traders' money to any real market risks.

FREMONT, CA: Algorithmic trading utilizes automated algorithms to actualize a trading strategy envisioned by the trader. With the advancement in technology and the capability of trading algorithms to analyze massive data sets has powered the incorporation of automated trading systems. The algorithmic trading solution certainly offers some major advantages over its manual counterpart. The above statement can be verified from the fact that many major investment firms are utilizing highly optimized trading robots to effectively deploy their trading strategies and pull money out of the market.

One of the major advantages of using automated trading is that the system will be disciplined and stick to the strategies defined by the traders. In the case of manual trading, it’s a challenge for the traders to adhere to the trading strategies strictly. In trading, it’s essential to stick to a plan that oft

Algorithmic Trading


en makes a difference between a profitable trader and an unprofitable trader. Further, an automated trading system can intake more data than a human trader. While a human trader can only monitor a few data metrics at a time, automated systems can be plugged into a number of charts that are to be monitored.

Another major advantage of using an automated trading system is that it eliminates the chances of errors in trading. For instance, a robot will never make a mistake of taking a buy when it should be taking a sell. It’s a massive advantage due to an automated trading system, as the aforementioned mistake can result in huge business losses.

Algorithmic trading systems allow traders to optimize their strategies. For instance, conventionally, a new trade plan had to be tested in real-market scenarios resulting in risky ventures. However, automated algorithmic trading systems can be trained to test the efficacy of the strategies using past data sets. It allows the traders to determine the success rate of their strategy without any real market risk.

Thus, algorithmic trading offers a clear advantage over manual trading practices. The enhanced capability and real-time efficiency offered by the trading algorithms will allow the traders to improve their overall trading outcomes.

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