How Artificial Intelligence Takes Investment Banking to the Next Level

How Artificial Intelligence Takes Investment Banking to the Next Level

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, September 13, 2021

Though most businesses utilize AI to reduce costs, its potential in the capital markets is unimaginable and has the potential to add value across the board.

Fremont, CA: Capital markets have developed due to technological advancements, and they continue to be hungry for new ideas and improvements. Since the precursor technologies, firms such as investment bankers have been evaluating AI for implementation. Capital market corporations have been using computers for their daily operations such as algorithmic trading, quantitative analysis, and market projections long before AI gained widespread attention in the form of self-driving vehicles and robots. These figures demonstrate how far ahead the capital market is in the technology race, capitalizing on new ideas and using them to create value for clients.

AI provides better interaction in superior experience to clients through hyper-personalization, curation of real-time content, and conversational interfaces. With the introduction of AI, it became possible to provide a high level of personalization while being cost-effective and flexible. Client behavior is analyzed by AI, which then offers information in real-time. For example, capital market organizations are currently interested in storing, categorizing, and analyzing sales and trading discussions to foresee client needs better and improve engagement efficacy. This is accomplished through the use of digital assistants to handle sales and service contacts.

Digital assistants are a low-cost way to provide users with a more sophisticated and enhanced experience. It reduces the need for additional human resources and the necessity to fill out paperwork and navigate web portals. The use of digital assistants can also boost the rate of client acquisition and retention. Risk management, stress testing, conversational user interfaces, and algorithmic trading can all benefit from AI's enormous potential. In recent years, the focus has switched to client service, as seen by decision-making based on the next-best-offer and next-best-action criteria.

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