How Blockchain Enhances Wealth Management

How Blockchain Enhances Wealth Management

Andy White, Capital Market CIO Outlook | Thursday, May 20, 2021

Tech-influenced wealth managers actively adopt blockchain-based applications to take advantage of features like token systems, smart contracts, encrypted value assignment, and more and deliver world-class wealth management services.

FREMONT, CA: Wealth managers across the globe continuously put efforts to upgrade their services for the ever-changing world. Modernization has encouraged the wealth managers to adopt tech-based solutions that help them bring transformation in their operational infrastructure. An article published by Deloitte says that the rising need for virtual business models in the capital market industry creates opportunities for blockchain solution developers to offer brilliant wealth management solutions. From maintaining the regulatory compliance to increasing the efficiency of offering, wealth managers realize the potential of blockchain technology and look for opportunities to explore more benefits.

Digitalization triggers major issues like cyber threats, which blockchain-based applications promise to tackle effectively. Blockchain features like tokenization, smart contract, and more help the wealth managers communicate and suggest brilliant opportunities to their clients for safe transactions, investments, and more. Blockchain technology holds the potential to perform a smooth exchange of information in a secured network by eliminating ant need for intermediaries, which reduces extra charges and involvement of numerous parties for single operations.

Managing wealth assets, especially across the digital platforms in the digital form, isn’t easy. Blockchain’s smart contract feature allows wealth managers to keep strong track over the asset value and assign unique encrypted value to avoid a verifiable breach. Smart contract feature also makes it easy to transfer the wealth asset authority across borders with different asset value and exchange rates. Blockchain network offers an excellent solution for cross-border payments and end-to-end fund transactions. More advantages like creating real-time settlement models, up-grading KYC models, and introducing digital investment portals top the list of blockchain-adoption benefits.

Excellent features offered by blockchain technology helps the wealth managers gain the trust of their clients and improve their business portfolio. The technology not only enables the wealth managers to standardize their management processes but also contributes to expanding their customer base across the globe.

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