How can a Capital Market CIO Enhance Investor Satisfaction?

How can a Capital Market CIO Enhance Investor Satisfaction?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, September 11, 2020

Capital Markets CIOCapital market companies can enhance the overall business ecosystem with the newfound ways of creating satisfactory trading experiences for investors. 

FREMONT, CA: Customer experience has grown in importance across consumer-facing companies. However, capital market firms, which are B2B firms, have also started taking a lot of interest in ensuring a better experience for businesses involved with their trading firms. How other firms perceive a capital market company can determine its success or failure. In an increasingly customer-oriented business ecosystem, it is imperative that the stock trading firm CIOs consider tools and technological solutions that promise better practices when it comes to managing operations and relationships with participating businesses. Thus, even for capital market firms, CRM and CEM are becoming a priority. By overseeing the practical aspects of implementing digital, third party solutions, CIOs in capital market companies can enhance interactions with investors and minimize all kinds of friction that come up during the trading process.   

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An ideal capital market firm is one that values communication and ensures that investors get access to information with ease. Customizing touchpoints effectively allows capital market players to orient operations in a way that investors find convenient. To ensure this, CIOs have to leverage technology that can support the company staff towards better management of operations. Digital solutions available in the market shall address the need for capital market companies that are demanding easy-to-deploy and intuitive technology-backed products to drive streamlined interactions, information exchange, and meaningful engagement. The advancement in Artificial Intelligence and data analytics have driven the development of digital solutions that optimize relationship management in business settings. The adoption of intelligent automation through third-party solutions gives capital market companies an upper hand in better control and management of investor experience.   

Capital market CIOs should look to implement applications that promote better investor engagement, inter-departmental cooperation, and research distribution and consumption. Facilitating a smooth process creates better ties between investors and capital market firms that are beneficial for both parties. Besides, the features of visibility and measurability are also crucial for capital markets firms looking to forge better business relationships. When digital solutions enable capital market firms to function in a way that allows for cross-departmental visibility, it becomes easier to curate a better experience for investors. The better the collaboration between staff in capital market companies, the better is the quality of service offered to investors. 

Additionally, CIOs should help calibrate operations with the help of technology so as to measure and balance the effective management of business relationships with optimized profitability. An integrated approach that takes into consideration the uniqueness of capital market firms and its operations is crucial for ensuring better delivery of services. Customized solutions from technology vendors have the potential to help capital markets refine capabilities in a way that results in better experiences for investors. The generic CRM or CEM solutions that most companies across several industries use are not very relevant for capital markets. Thus, capital markets CIOs have the added responsibility of assessing digital solutions before overseeing its company-wide implementation. Only then,  capital market firms can create opportunities for better profitability along with improved business relations that deliver quick ROI.

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