How Intelligent Automation Enhances the Business Ecosystem

How Intelligent Automation Enhances the Business Ecosystem

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, September 02, 2020

Intelligent AutomationWith businesses excelling with an array of new-age technologies, embracing the next wave of automation has become a necessity for the capital markets industry.     

FREMONT, CA: Capital markets has transformed along with the latest advancements in technology. Technology has emerged at the forefront of the capital markets industry as it lays the foundation for successfully administering the business and operating strategies. New technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), contribute to intelligent automation, which offers significant operational and efficiency improvements. Almost every capital market firm has already started using or running pilot projects that involve intelligent automation. The benefits can be immense such as the alleviation of manual efforts, productivity improvements, freeing up capital and human resources, better performance monitoring, and capacity utilization.

The race of enhancing automation levels goes a long way back to the capital markets. Success has been accomplished in some areas, but there is still a lot that remains to be done. Growing digitalization across trade and client lifecycles in recent years indicates a slow adoption of automation at every stage of processing, leading to less efficient results than what is practically possible. Business volumes are increasing, and with real-time processing abilities, there is limited room for standard processing across the value chain. The advantages of implementing intelligent automation can be huge. It reduces manual efforts that ramp up processing time and also frees up human and financial capital for prolific use. Intelligent automation enables staff to concentrate on higher-value tasks to improve quality and productivity.

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According to a survey conducted among 600+ business leaders across 13 countries, more than 50% of participants said that they had already invested more than $10 million in intelligent automation projects. To create an intelligent working space, enhancing operational performance and customer experience is a must. Businesses are transparently investing in intelligent automation technologies, as well. The creation of intelligent automation is not complicated; with a low-code application development platform, businesses can possess tools essential for the integration of various technologies and resources easily and precisely.

Intelligent automation benefits with simple tracking of performance across technologies and functions as they run on a single platform together. The performance tracking provides the data to identify areas for enhancements, especially in revenue increase and quality of consumer experience. Intelligent automation-enabled solutions significantly help capital markets firms in improving efficiency. Intelligent automation is opening up new opportunities for the capital markets industry, helping enterprises achieve faster and better results like never before.


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