How Mortgage Providers can Manage Default Portfolios

How Mortgage Providers can Manage Default Portfolios

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, September 30, 2019

The premier provider of digital mortgage services is delivering easy, efficient, and increased performance to servicers, maximizing returns.  

FREMONT, CA: The premium provider of integrated default services, ServiceLink has released EXOS One Marketplace™. It is a state-of-the-art platform that delivers a streamlined way for mortgage servicers to manage default portfolios efficiently. Transformative technology integrates the power of AI, ML, and data analytics to project costs accurately, determine and compare evolving disposition paths and mitigating turn times. With Servicelink’s EXOS One Marketplace™ portfolio management solution, returns can be maximized. EXOS One Marketplace™ is available for any loan, transforming traditional default servicing operations and leveraging the power of EXOS and ServiceLink’s diverse set of services.

EXOS One Marketplace™ leverages the power of ServiceLink’s EXOS technologies platform. It delivers unprecedented visibility and a new way of managing portfolios, providing a complete view of the status of assets held in a portfolio along with predictive modeling, data, and analytics. EXOS One Marketplace™ helps in making informed decisions in the event of a default. The new marketplace incorporates seamless ordering of critical services transformative technology. Required services can be ordered as needed for individual loans or in mass for a larger quantity. The platform facilitates servicers to manage actual and predicted timelines efficiently; project costs accurately, optimal model outcomes, and determine best disposition paths. This maximizes the potential of EXOS One Marketplace™ minimizing losses and decreasing turn times through informed decision-making.

ServiceLink is a premier provider of mortgage services. The company helps its clients in the lending industry and beyond to achieve their strategic goals, realize greater efficiencies, and serve their customers better. ServiceLink delivers best-in-class technology, services, and insight with a constant commitment to upholding the highest standards of compliance, quality, and service. 

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