How Tech-Driven KYC Solutions Transform Capital Firms

How Tech-Driven KYC Solutions Transform Capital Firms

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, November 27, 2019

KYCAdvanced KYC solutions let the finance professionals utilize customer data to improvise financial offerings and fight against forgery.

FREMONT, CA: The evolution of technologies has revolutionized the conventional ways of adding customer data into the firms' database, which were tedious and time-consuming. The emerging technology offers numerous alternatives to approach faster and transparent data recording features. The technology-driven methods prioritize the collection and analysis of the ever-changing customer data such as geographic location, compliance policies, and financial behavior. An advanced technique like Know your customer (KYC) addresses these critical issues by collecting relevant customer data and ensuring compliance challenges.

Process Optimization with AI

Automation technology adds adaptable and flexible features to the complicated KYC processes. AI- integrated KYC platforms allow financial institutions to analyze massive volumes of user information access much relevant data subset. AI can also help in enhancing customer onboarding processes.


Fighting Financial Crime

The primary focus of capital specialists initiating KYC solutions is to prevent forgery. The research mentions that financial crimes from bribery and corruption to money laundering impact the loss of $1.4-3.5 trillion every year. As the digital transformation encourages data sharing, it holds the risk for misuse of the critical data. Financial institutions are actively collaborating with third-parties security providers to track fraudulent activities and reduce financial crimes and compliance issues

KYC Leads the Way to Modernization

The incorporation of KYC data sharing capabilities positively influences modern customers. The advanced solution enables secure and transparent exchange of customer information by introducing digital equipment to the customers in a collaborative platform. Thus, KYC boosts the digital data exchange with customer knowledge and consent over the data with the financial institutions.

KYC has become an essential asset for financial institutions, as it enables financial institutions to handle customer data and avoid data leakage.

With the emerging technological influence, KYC will continue to deliver improvised solutions, from onboarding customers to protecting financial assets.  

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