How Technology Improvises KYC Solutions?

How Technology Improvises KYC Solutions?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, November 28, 2019

KYCTech-driven KYC solutions enable financial institutions to standardize their customer onboarding process.

FREMONT, CA: Know your customer (KYC) regulation has become an essential part of the world’s financial system. Different technology-based solutions contribute to transforming the KYC landscape. In recent years, financial institutions have rapidly digitalized and automated more KYC processes. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), data management, and automation solutions make KYC more efficient, affordable, and necessary. Some trends and technologies in KYC compliance that help the financial institutions to replace the manual process are below.

 Artificial Intelligence

During the KYC investigation, the analytical processes are majorly influenced by external sources. Deploying AI into the KYC processing solutions focuses on filtering large volumes of growing data to relevant topics by eliminating content, which is not related to financial crimes. On reducing the false positives, financial institutions can boost the custo


mer onboarding process.

Multiple Data Sources

Early ways of simple documentation were the only processes to get customer data, which were not entirely reliable as the chances of inaccuracy were high in those processes. Today accessing customer data from multiple sources is highly necessary and makes the data ownership more transparent.

Automation, AI, and natural language processing prove to help finance professionals find ownership information from the unstructured content. The automated data evaluation process reduces the need to gain documents from customers or at the minimum, detect anomalies.

Advanced Data Solutions

As financial institutions have extensive data and multiple data sources to verify the customers' identification and ownership, the ever-growing volume is a challenge to tackle manually. Manual and irregular KYC processes can cause repeated data entry, mistakes, poor data quality, and delay in customer onboarding. An innovative solution like Application Programming Interfaces (API) enhances search capabilities and robotic process automation, which results in more leads and efficient KYC evaluation. With the help of advanced data solutions, financial institutions can significantly eliminate manual errors, data entry inaccuracy, and process bottlenecks.

Technology tools have become necessary for improvising KYC processes. Tech-based KYC solutions can introduce flexibility and adaptability to complicated KYC processes. The financial institutions can gain a competitive advantage across the globe and witness a new era.

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