How the New Low-Code Capital Market Software Enables Digital...

How the New Low-Code Capital Market Software Enables Digital Transformation

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, March 27, 2020

Capital market software is delivering robust, secure products and solutions at unprecedented speed by radically reducing the amount of coding needed.     

FREMONT, CA: "'Low-code' has been used widely outside the industry to create all sorts of applications at speed, and at a drastically reduced cost The world of capital markets is changing, and the industry is waking up to the necessity for smarter application development. The genesis platform is, we believe, the first capital markets specific 'low-code' platform – one that is built to handle financial instruments and the surrounding control environment. For our clients, the platform delivers incredible productivity both in creating new solutions and sustaining and improving existing solutions. We believe the genesis platform is the future blueprint for capital markets software delivery," says Stephen Murphy, CEO of genesis, a capital market software company that has launched a 'low-code' application platform. The new platform is designed to provide digital transformation and tools at high speed.   

genesis secured $3 million Series A funding in November 2018 from Illuminate Financial and Tribeca Early Stage Partners. In less than a year and in response to market demand, genesis has methodically developed the platform, augmenting its microservices-based infrastructure with business components and a comprehensive set of tools to achieve the 'low code' vision and support the entire project lifecycle. The new platform enables the delivery of secure, robust products and solutions, mitigating the amount of coding needed, making the delivery available via three different builds.

With the new platform, genesis' clients can address highly complex industry challenges, from wide-reaching regulatory requirements to the limitations of incumbent vendors and software methodology processes. Clients can benefit from a range of global clearing houses through sell side firms to asset managers covering both trading and post-trade solution use cases. Delivery of the genesis platform is via three flexible options, i.e., Build it, which clients can harness the genesis platform to develop their own solutions and Ready built, which genesis provides a catalog of pre-built capital markets products, and Build together, the final flexible option that is a bespoke service, leveraging genesis' capital markets expertise to build client-specific solutions. 

genesis is a global capital markets software company that offers a fresh approach to digital transformation. The company helps firms solve business problems and enable business opportunities in a constantly changing environment. Pioneering vision, joined with the technical innovation, is at the core of everything genesis does. genesis achieves quick and rapid application delivery via its state-of-the-art microservices-based framework and business component library. This is augmented with genesis' "no-code" and "low-code" development tools, empowering users, and democratizes product design. genesis' strong product portfolio and investment roadmap facilitate the product designs to collaborate with clients to offer a powerful combination of both off-the-shelf and client-specific solutions.      

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