How to Make the Most of Alternative Data?

How to Make the Most of Alternative Data?

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Monday, December 02, 2019

Alternative DataTech-driven tools and applications allow the capital market professionals to access, manage, and utilize the rapidly growing alternative data more efficiently.

FREMONT, CA: As data has become an essential asset for every organization, professionals are actively adopting technologies that can help in streamlining data utilization. By taking advantages of rapid digitalization like the evolution of mobile devices, social media, and advanced data analytics, capital market professionals extract alternative data to explore the future possibilities of the present market. Today, the emerging data plays an important role to bring transformation in the capital market sectors while letting the professionals take innovative business approaches. 

Data Analytics

The tech-driven solutions for accessing alternative data help the capital market professionals to make better investment decisions by increasing the data availability, expanding the data storage capacity, and improving computing capability across their companies. AI-based solutions can help professionals track their customers on social media platforms, connected devices, and other publically available sources. The presence of artificial intelligence across such communicative sources streamlines the collection of customer and client data. Capital market professionals approach data analytics-based applications to handle the complex, unstructured alternative data that make the alternative data more accessible and actionable. The instant data processing and analyzing turn the alternative data a valuable asset for the investment ecosystems. 

In recent years, the technologists have developed numerous tools and applications that help the capital market professionals handle and utilize alternative data, and improve their business portfolios. Capital market professionals realize that strategically using alternative data can reshape their businesses and promise to bring long-term benefits. To derive advantages from alternative data efficiently, capital market professionals need to adopt the right technology-based tools and applications for their firms.

Some technologies like natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning enable the professionals to use alternative data for taking a deeper look into rapidly growing user-generated, business-generated, and sensor-generated data. With the expansion of the capital market sector, there has been a wider collection of alternative data. Harnessing the emerging technologies has become necessary for the capital market companies, as the growing alternative data has become the key to effective investment decision-making.

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