How Zero Volatility is Shaping Digital Payments

How Zero Volatility is Shaping Digital Payments

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A blockchain-based startup has unveiled the first zero volatility protocol to deliver a new payment solution built for tomorrow's digital world, strengthening customer and community relationships.

FREMONT, CA: A non-profit algorithmic stablecoin creation platform, Element Zero Network has launched the first zero volatility protocol at CIS. After months of testing and auditing

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, it's zero volatility protocol for stablecoins and exchanges is now ready to address the weaknesses that plague the market with volatility due to underlying methodologies. The company has developed a zero volatility protocol for stablecoins and exchanges that will eradicate any possibility of volatility.

During the launch, Element Zero's exchange, SmartSwap was launched that will allow users a zero volatility swap with no fees, no hot wallet, no KYC, no signup necessary, and no bank account information sharing. The decentralized exchange hosts both security and utility tokens. In addition, Element Zero launches the first version of its stablecoin, EZO (beta) that will remain stable at 100 percent of the face value while all other stablecoins still trade above or below the intended face value. Users wishing to sell or redeem their stablecoins can do so within the system at current face value.   

Element Zero is a blockchain-based startup that provides its users with a solution for decentralized and stable cryptocurrency payments. The company is designed with the purpose of making the world better for all, offering a new form of payment platform, protected against long-term inflation. Enabling businesses, organizations and even governments to create their own stablecoin, Element Zero eliminates the possibility for any volatility in the first place. Element Zero does not distribute any profits and keeps 100 percent of the revenue in the organization's reserve to support the liquidity of the stablecoins. 

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