Insightful Leadership Channelizing Trade Analytics to Drive...

Insightful Leadership Channelizing Trade Analytics to Drive Execution Services

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ted Morgan, COO

Deep expertise in multi-asset trading and investment community combined with world-class TCA tools can offer best execution services.

FREMONT, CA: The long been respected innovator and leader in Transaction Cost Analysis, Abel Noser Holdings positions Doug Rivelli as President of its Abel Noser LLC, the company’s agency-only brokerage subsidiary. Rivelli has over 25 years of multi-asset trading experience and is a well-known figure in the investment community. The company is thrilled about his deep expertise in market structure and electronic trading and his successful track record serving previous positions. With this appointment, Rivelli is entrusted with overseeing the full suite of Abel Noser’s brokerage services including program and block trading, corporate buybacks, third-party bill payment, outsourced trading, commission recapture, and its transition management business.

“My vision for the broker-dealer is to further leverage Abel Noser’s industry-leading analytics in our trading process, providing clients with superior execution and continuing to drive the firm’s growing market-share,” happily exclaims Doug Rivelli, President of Abel Noser LLC. “Our combination of robust trade analytics, very unique liquidity and experienced traders will propel execution performance at Abel Noser.”  

The shortfall of automation in the fixed income market acts as a significant factor behind non-transparency in price discovery and liquidity provision. But, with the rise of electronic trading, there is more data available to perform transaction cost analysis in the fixed income arena. Given that, traders and asset managers are increasingly open to the idea of analyzing fixed-income trading to enhance trading strategies and to stay compliant. In the light of this situation, Abel Noser is providing institutional investors with trade cost measurement and trade surveillance services by calculating various transaction data-points for meaningful insights into execution quality and trading costs. “Our trade universe is one of the largest of its kind, and our core competency lies in the precision with which we deliver transaction results for improved investment performance,” remarks Ted Morgan, COO of Abel Noser Holdings.  

In the next few years, TCA for measuring tradable security is set to cover every asset class and in light of this Abel Noser Holdings is expanding its investments and offerings. Featured in Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Fixed Income Trading Solution Providers, the company is undoubtedly the go-to platform at present and in the future.  

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