Intelligent Automation is here to Re-Energize the Energy and...

Intelligent Automation is here to Re-Energize the Energy and Utility Sector

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The global energy and utility companies, with a focus on gaining efficiency, cost savings, and continuous improvement, are leveraging intelligent automation to enhance the service value that they deliver to their customers. 

The traditional energy and utility business is on the verge of transformation, with technological changes and increased competition making their presence felt. Intelligent automation will be influential in aiding the companies in meeting their goals and the increasing demand for clean, reliable, and cheap energy. Read on!

The sector is seeing significant benefit from automation, in terms of boosting operations, top-line growth, and engaging customers, compared to other industries. Organizations can automate more of work than ever before with the assistance of intelligent automation. Within the organizations, it allows employees to focus on value-adding activities, such as working directly with customers. Electric, gas, and water companies can leverage Robotic Process Automation to automate several routine tasks from billing to meter readings and even customer service. Instead of humans having to handle time-consuming tasks, RPA  can tackle the majority of the work, drastically enhancing productivity.

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Transforming customer experience and improving how customer service is delivered to retain customers and market share is vital for utilities as consumers have more choices available to lessen their reliance on conventional energy suppliers. Utilities are turning towards innovative platforms that support agents with a complete view of customers, knowledge management, and AI-assisted interactions that can resolve queries and deliver the best experience for customers. Whether it be customer billing, provisioning, outage response, or field service inquiries, utilities are transforming the way they provide customer service to a great extent.

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The digital world is smarter, faster, and more connected. To adapt to this new pace of transformation, energy and utility sector must embrace intelligent automation to change the way they operate, serve customers, and interact with partners across the supply chain.

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