Intelligent automation: New prerequisite for business growth

Intelligent automation: New prerequisite for business growth

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, April 09, 2019

Intelligent automation is a mix of two exciting technologies such as Robotic Process Automation, and Artificial Intelligence(AI) that can give impetus to business growth and cost savings. Hence, enterprises are now looking to invest in this technology so as to empower workers with better decision-making abilities.

Machine intelligence and workflow automation simplify work management. Further, the process is defined by rules and strategies built upon data. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is relatively new, and it can quickly improve work efficiency. Hence, RPA is termed as one of the essential pillars of intelligent automation. RPA can perform the work on behalf of a human. For example, rather than performing machine task, RPA can also automate tasks, which are traditionally performed by humans. The software robot can function like a human user and execute tasks like passing security credentials and accessing or entering data from the application.

Hence, it is significant to analyze the best starting point for using intelligent automation. The right place to look for in the areas where repetitive tasks outnumber automated ones and require human efforts. Also, system analysts should zero in on areas where the users are toggling various applications using numerous interfaces.

Before harnessing the power of intelligent automation, a robust groundwork is needed. It is necessary to have a clear model for the separation of tasks to simplify ascribing them to RPA and business automation tools. RPA can replace the human factor in performing rules-based and repetitive tasks. As a component of Intelligent Automation, it ensures more efficient workflow.

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