Intelligent Buildings with Integrated Technologies: A Quick Guide!

Intelligent Buildings with Integrated Technologies: A Quick Guide!

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, August 01, 2019

As the world moves towards higher efficiencies, buildings are becoming smarter with integrated technologies.

FREMONT, CA: An effective transformation to well-integrated building technologies is the need of the hour. Consumers are demanding convenience, and service providers have to adapt to evolving technologies to cater to customers quickly. To prepare for the much-awaited transformation, contractors have to adapt themselves accordingly. As the pace of change picks up, here are a few ways that can help in making building technology efficient and well integrated.

• Understanding the Changes  

Before applying anything for the integration of building technologies, stakeholders have to learn about all the recent developments and understand how they use to residential and commercial spaces. As the scale of improvement is vast and dynamic, providers have to be proactive in their approach to designing and implementing devices and connectivity infrastructure. Speed and compatibility are essential as building technology integration trends.

Technologies that are already making an impact or are about to impact building technology integration include IoT, artificial intelligence, robotic automation, and machine learning.

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• Incorporating Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Advanced building technologies are using both artificial intelligence as well as automation. Both are very different in terms of their applications. While automation is applied to systems that function in predefined ways through a series of sensors, artificial intelligence has more to do with aspects like learning, reasoning, and decision making. Energy consumption reductions opportunities increase with the use of artificial intelligence. High-performance building contractors can facilitate the integration of technologies only when AI aids in quick decision making and automation creates systems that can trigger a set of reactions according to inputs.

• Making Way for Predictive Maintenance

As the number of technologies being used increases steadily, the need for maintenance also grows in accordance. Sophisticated systems that are being incorporated these days are changing the way maintenance works. Like everything else, maintenance is also becoming data-driven. Data from operating devices can be monitored in real-time, and insights can help companies make predictive maintenance the norm. Predictive maintenance allows prompt detection of issues and triggers notifications about preventive measures. Service providers can efficiently attend to issues and roll out solutions.

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Intelligent and technology-driven homes and workplaces are the subjects of reality already. Smart and integrated construction systems have already entered the market and will soon be the new normal for which taking the right step is vital.

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