Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop and Their Evident Future

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop and Their Evident Future

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, February 08, 2019

Data is the biggest asset that currently businesses across all verticals want to get hands on. Huge investments are being made to collect, store, and process this asset. The reason behind this stride is data analytics. Valuable insights obtained from this data allow businesses to enhance their decision-making process and gain an edge over competitors. Big data analytics is made possible with the help of two main technologies Hadoop and Big data. These technologies require data to operate on and utilizing these businesses can achieve valuable insights.

Hadoop is an open source software that is capable of handling enormous structure, semi-structured, and unstructured data effectively. It is primarily designed to store large datasets and maintain high data integrity and availability at any given point in time. Traditional data management models lacked scalability, storage of unstructured data, and normalization. Whereas in the case of Hadoop, the framework can be easily scaled by just adding more nodes to the network.

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Big data technology resides over the data stored in the Hadoop framework. It harnesses crispy clean data from Data Lake for analytics. Currently, its adoption is at rising because it is transforming the verticals by-

•    Improving business intelligence through data-driven strategies

•    Breakthroughs in innovations for better operational efficiency

•    Cost effective, as the overall investment compared to the value of insights is low

Future of Big Data with Hadoop

Dark Data or Data Blind Spots

IT professionals are luring towards harnessing the undermined digital and all other forms of unstructured non-digital data in the next phase of analysis. Unstructured and undermined datasets are known as dark data or data blind spots which are certain to be put to analysis for more accuracy in insights. It is predicted that such datasets will gain value in the proximate future and result in new outcomes for transformation.

New Career Objectives

Technology always comes with a myriad of possibilities and career is one of them. Already big data technology has given a boost to data analytics, data science, data administrator, and various other data related jobs. It is evident that the burgeon of big data is going to result in new job roles and responsibilities.

Privacy Regulations

Data privacy is a major concern and soon big data technology which currently lacks any measures for it will witness new regulations for the same. GDPR is an example of the same. Businesses will be on the lookout for privacy solutions giving rise to the adoption of new technologies and trends.

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