Keys to Curb Challenges Of Blockchain Implementation

Keys to Curb Challenges Of Blockchain Implementation

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Tuesday, June 11, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Blockchain is an expanding list of records, termed blocks that are connected using cryptography. The advanced technology is becoming prevalent these days. It was the most popular digital currency which has now evolved into a technique which is more useful and valuable for tech users. Not all organizations are still open about blockchain. However, there are many challenges that blockchain entrepreneurs need to overcome to run a successful business. Read on!

• Creating a new business model

A business model is a company's overall structure which creates a profitable business. It includes the organization's complete detailed plan, purpose, and goals. Some business models are simple as it is mostly selling it to interested customers. Other business plans are more complicated as orders have to be placed from wholesalers, online catalogs have to be created and shipping domestically or internationally. Creating a new business model from scratch is the best option, which means rethinking all the elements of the business model like revenue streams, cost structure, and others.

• Integrating blockchain

Integrating blockchain into business is hard for startups. Business owners need their innovations to be creative as blockchain requires special care. Business owners should know about blockchain if planning to integrate it into the systems. Having enough knowledge helps business owners avoid any problem that may arise along the way.

• Finding talented people

Employees should have enough knowledge about blockchain as well, along with the business owners. It is a challenge to find employees who have enough knowledge about blockchain. Mentoring employees for blockchain basics is imperative before implementing blockchain inside the company thoroughly.

• Getting the proper funding

Due to the blockchain's nature, businesses tend to have a difficult time getting financial assistance. Because of the risks associated with blockchain, investors think twice before investing in startups. These companies should look for investors who are usually open to the idea of blockchain and especially those who already belong to the industry.

• Rightly evaluating the business

Entrepreneurs who have implemented blockchain find it challenging to assess the startup accurately. The main problem arises when the estimated profits don't match the expectations of the investors. Investors can pull out the funding or can lose trust in the business. A proper calculation of the future profits should be adequately made, before giving an estimation of your company's value.

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Blockchain implementation in a business should be planned very precisely. Preparing well beforehand can successfully overcome these challenges. The advanced technology is a new venture for the world, but it will find its place in all sectors very soon.

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