Managed Services to Push the Capital Markets Towards Better...

Managed Services to Push the Capital Markets Towards Better Capabilities

By Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, August 02, 2019

Managed Services Managed services are playing a significant role in the technological shift that capital markets are going through.

FREMONT, CA: There have been dynamic developments in the capital markets, mostly encircling technological advancements. Informed decision-making is the key, which helps the firms to manage and transform business processes in the long run. A research-oriented approach is ideal for capital markets to evaluate the value of developmental opportunities. Everything from customer relationship management to decision-making can experience a substantial improvement provided the right execution of transformation is ensured.

The current demand pertains to enhanced customer experience, among other things. To improve the chances of providing a better experience to customers, firms need to look beyond their internal capabilities. Many aspects like the market infrastructure, the technology vendors and the service providers can play an essential role in it. Technology-backed solutions from leading service providers can be the crucial factor that creates the difference between good and average customer experience. 

The process of decision-making is also something that the selling-side firms need to focus on, to provide their best to the clients. Unless decision–making is fast, accurate, and data-backed, it is not possible to stay relevant. Fintechs and banks have demonstrated the need for a data-centric approach in designing and deploying business strategy. Predicting the market equips organizations to take client experience to the next level. 

Even the buying side, that is, the clients are not looking to depend on the sell-side entirely. By devising solutions or by sourcing them from third-party service providers, they are building a digital infrastructure that assists them in strategic ways throughout the journey. Hence, the importance of third-party vendors and managed services are increasing by the day. Such solutions are cost-effective and help streamline many operations.

Expansions and transformations are expensive and complicated. Various firms are at different stages of adopting and re-inventing their operations. Managed services enable these firms to find ideal, customized solutions that can fit into the company’s budget. The popularity of managed services in capital markets points to the success of the products that these companies offer. By providing more straightforward access and implementation of technology, managed services have been instrumental in paving the way for the transformation of capital markets. 

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