Measuring ROI for AI investments? Put on your venture capitalist hat

Measuring ROI for AI investments? Put on your venture capitalist hat

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

AI Investment Guide for Businesses

As the research and integration of artificial intelligence (AI) increase in the technology sphere, investment on this disruptive technology is on the rise.  The variation in AI technology—from neural networks to automated robotic hands—has transformed the market as a whole and has opened up great opportunities for CIOs to transform their decisions and venture. Markets researchers found that a little over 10 percent of the industries across all the sectors are actually using AI in their systems and services whereas about 60 percent of the industries and businesses are looking forward to integrating their services with AI and machine learning.

With these aforementioned statistics in mind, market leaders have to investigate and approach any research and development of AI as a venture capitalist to get the best return on investment. Since the potential for AI, machine learning, and neural networking growth in the market is headed towards becoming a mandatory norm in the next decade. It has opened a gateway for CIOs to venture into the AI research and the best way to apply it in their businesses to enhance their offerings. As most of the AI ventures are in the research and development stage, business executives have the time to experiment and integrate AI with other technologies to offer it as a service. Additionally, technology growth in the form of Virtual Reality augmentation, IoT, business intelligence, cloud computing, on-demand services and Everything-as-a-service is creating new opportunities for CIOs and other executives to automate their product and services.

On this note, businesses willing to invest in AI programs could look forward to the extensive researches of DeepMind Technologies, Facebook AI Research (FAIR), and OpenAI. These AI developers are extensively involved in creating highly intelligent machine learning and friendly AI sources. The potential for AI growth in every sector of the economy is exponential and will be a coveted technology by the end of this decade.

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