Modern Marketing for Digital Securities

Modern Marketing for Digital Securities

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Thursday, January 31, 2019

Issuance Inc. is a marketing platform for dealing with digital securities issuers, which connects and matches with interested investors. The next future mega trend in capital markets is digital securities. In contrast to tokens for utilities, digital securities provide real ownership of investors in the underlying asset or enterprise. Digital securities offers are an appropriate alternative to ICOs and provide investors with liquidity, 24-hour trade and access to a global pool of capital investment. Issuance currently provides digital securities issuers with strategic consulting and marketing services. Issuance also raises capital under Rule 506(c) of Regulation (D), aside from supporting its customers. After completing its rise, Issuance intends to transcend its capital stock and have its digital securities trading on the first live, regulated digital trading system in the USA―the Open Finance Network ATS. Issuance offers investors unique incentives to register, to carry out investor surveys and to interact with issuers. Issuance can market their deal to authenticated interested investors through the Issuance platform.

Tokeny is the platform for compliant tokenization. The fintech, based in Luxembourg, provides an institutional level, secure end-to-end platform, which enables tokens to be managed and sold through and after an ICO or STO. Tokeny’s team brings together a thorough understanding of traditional finance, with decades of experience across capital markets, and also combines them with blockchain experience. Tokeny was established in 2017; the team now includes more than 20 professionals from Luxembourg, London, Paris, and Minneapolis with global reach. The team has decades of experience in providing key global technology solutions for the mission. This background is used by the team to ensure transparency, accessibility, and safety for the participation of any contributor in the ICO or STO. Tokeny is the leading tokenization platform in Europe that allows issuers to access a large global pool of investors, automate intermediary functions and enhance liquidity in any security supply.

Issuance, Inc. has announced its partnership with Tokeny, a compliance platform for the marketing of transactions that linking digital securities issuers with potential investors, providing institutional grade solutions in issuing, managing the lifecycle and trading tokens for secondary purposes. The partnership seeks to bridge digital securities and traditional financing, provide issuers with tools for managing and connecting their assets with investment banks, asset managers, consultants, and investors.

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