Natural Language Processing to Boost Smart Trading Options

Natural Language Processing to Boost Smart Trading Options

Capital Markets CIO Outlook | Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Smart NLP technology builds end-to-end trading solutions for capital markets, exploring endless opportunities and potentials of the industry.

FREMONT, CA: Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is deeply rooted in the current trading processes of capital markets. It helps the users by simplifying the trading system into an easy-to-use interface and lets the strategies run automatically. NLP serves as a bridge between the unsaturated data and analytical platform. It uses Artificial Intelligence and computation linguistics and delivers a neutral interface of human and computer languages. The analytical platform into the capital markets helps in research, regulatory reporting, security, communication, portfolio management.

Natural Language Processing helps the firms of capital markets to easily manage huge amount of data by storing it in lesser cost and efficiently distribute information across the organization. The additional advantages like cloud-based platforms and open-source projects team up with NLP to expand the scope of capability. The available solutions use AI and machine learning techniques to collect signals from the unstructured data and process them to build valuable text-based information. The whole processes help the capital market industry to predict the outcomes and risk of the investments, trading, and stock exchange. NLP allows the company to garner insights and assess a client’s actual potential and risk.

NLP’s ability to access relevant and filtered information helps the capital market professionals to analyze the data with more detailed reports and suggest the clients and internal decisions makers efficiently. The capital market industry can use NLP queries to track the incremental sale and purchase the insider shares. The access and analysis of the relevant information from the unstructured data make the natural language processing technology more critical for making the right decision and provide sound advice and quality service to the clients.

Advanced NLP algorithms are used to automate the process of monitoring various text data streams and automatically issue notifications upon the emergence of market-moving event. NLP analysis is often used to read sentiment analysis with respect to the current economic state in the market and accurately performs the task of identifying the associating tone. Implementing the technology in the industry eliminates the chances of human error by taking over the tedious process of comparing the same documents over time, and find subtle differences. Smart algorithm by NLP technology can automatically save time by scanning through millions of records and reports, identifying risk factors, and efficiently classifying them according to different topics.

NLP integrates different methods to uncover the emerging risk factors in the capital industry quickly. It offers a wide range of features and facilities to tackle both quant and discrete issues in the capital market firms. Capital market firms are leveraging NLP technology to improve their productivity across the organization, including risk management, trading, fraud detection, and automating back-office procedures. Moving towards the conversational economy by using chatbots, advanced analytic and NLP, capital marketing firm are benefited by the low operational cost for many vital functions. NLP is used to transform customer touchpoints through personal assistant applications. The technology also addresses the issues of money laundering and forgery. Capital market industry significantly takes advantages to predict and gain new insights and strategize further decisions. In most of the cases, deployment of advanced natural language process technology helps the capital market industry streamline complexities of trading in the global platform.

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